Bellefeu, an absolute mood creator

Bathe your interior in the warm and convivial atmosphere of the Bellefeu collection. Our in-house technology with real wax candles replicates real candlelight. The pendant version comes with a superior-quality integrated LED strip, creating a unique combination of functional and atmospheric lighting.


Authentage_Bellefeu Suspension_Pendant light above a table_PSG_Maison Lie


Bellefeu Rectangular Suspension Authentage_Bellefeu Vitrine Table Long_Table light_Candle light_MAison lie_PSG

Bellefeu Vitrine Long Table


Authentage_Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern indoor_Floor light_candle light_PSG_Maison Lie


Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern


Authentage_Gracieuze Bellefeu Vitrine_Floor light_Candle light_PSG_maison lie


Bellefeu Gracieuze Floor


Authentage_bellefeu vitrine lantern outdoor_table light_outdoor light_garden light_PSG_Maison lie


Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern Outdoor


Authentage_bellefeu Vitrine table light_candle light_Maison Lie_PSG


Bellefeu Vitrine Table


With special thanks to Maison Lie (Antwerp, Belgium) for the wonderful location and PSG Group for the pictures.


Please note that the pictures within this article cannot be used without the permission of Authentage.

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