Finca Serena Hotel in Mallorca


Authentage_balume_wall light_finca serena hotel_mallorca
Authentage_entrance_Vitrine Wall_Finca Serena Mallorca
Authentage_balume_wall light_spa_wellness_finca serena hotel_mallorca
Authentage_micro floor_light_spa_wellness_finca serena hotel mallorca
Authentage_micro floor light_spa_wellness_finca serena hotel mallorca
Authentage_balume wall_terrace_spa_wellness_finca serena hotel Mallorca
Authentage_Micro Floor_reading light_finca serena mallorca
This 5-star hotel in Mallorca is an exclusive place to stay, relax and enjoy nature. The interior designers succeeded very well in combining different lights of Authentage with this wonderful interior based on natural colors. More lights of Authentage can be discovered at Finca Serena in Mallorca



About Finca Serena Mallorca :

The buildings of Finca Serena contain within many tales dating from the 13th Century, reflecting the customs of that time. A meeting of past and present, a coming together between tradition and modernity.

Visitors will not only discover a hotel at Finca Serena they will also have an opportunity to experience a place where provenance, the earth and everything that is authentic is valued. A new concept of exclusive luxury for contemporary travellers.


Finca Serena Mallorca


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