Hotel Manoir de Surville in France

Manoir de Surville is an Hotel & Spa in Normandy. 

An authentic place for an ideal romantic retreat, managed and designed by the owners Camille & Hugues.

The Sévère Vertico in the bedrooms created that little extra with a romantic atmosphere. More lights of Authentage to discover in this cosy hotel in Normandy.

Authentage_sévère vertico_Bainwat_bathroom lighting_bedroom lighting_wall Lighting_Manoir de Surville_France

Sévère Vertico Bronze next to the bed - Bainwat Arm Chrome above the sink 

Authentage_Gracieuze on Bracket_outdoor wall light_hotel_Manoir de surville_France

 Gracieuze on Bracket Small

Authentage_Sévère Vertico_ Wall lighting_Bedroom lighting_Hotel Manoir de surville_France

Sévère Vertico Bronze

Authentage_Sévère on Rectangular Base_Sévère Vertico_Wall lighting_Bedroom_Hotel Manoir de Surville_France

Sévère on Long Base Bronze - Sévère Vertico Bronze

Matisse on profile_Authentage_picture lighting_wall lighting_Hotel_manoir de surville_France

Matisse on Rectangular Base - Customised

Authentage_Décorna Table Lamp_Hotel Manoir de Surville_France

Décorna Table Lamp

Authentage_Bainwat_Bathroom lighting_Hotel Manoir de Surville_France

Bainwat Arm Chrome

Authentage_sévère vertico_wall lighting_bedroom light_Hotel Manoir de Surville_France

Sévère Vertico Bronze


About Manoir de Surville :

Imagine a bucolic landscape, a small village in Normandy. You enter the gate and discover a beautiful historical estate dating back to the sixteenth century, located in the heart of a two-hectare garden.

100 km from Paris, in the heart of Normandy, the Manoir de Surville, a four stars hotel, will welcome you in an understated, elegant and refined decor. Old stones, studs, and eleven rooms decorated with unearthed furniture, warm and cozy colors.


Manoir de Surville


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