Luxury chalet in Germany

This luxury chalet in Germany is realized by interior Designer Jannet Butzinger in cooperation with Helma Interiors.

Jannet succeeded in designing a Chalet in Germany into a charming, cozy place to stay. And she was nominated for the European Design Awards as result! Congratulations Jannet!


 Bellefeu Royal Rectangular 

Authentage_Bellefeu Royal rectangular suspension customised_Jannet Butzinger

Bellefeu Royal Rectangular Suspension and Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern Indoor

Authentage_Bellefeu Royal Rectangular Suspension Customised_Suspension above dinner table_Jannet butzinger

Bellefeu Royal Rectangular Suspension and Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern 

                  Tubelum Suspension on Track and Spot Poire on Track combined


                                         Q-bri lantern 



About Jannet :

Jannet Gibson Butzinger is an American Interior Architect with
International experience based in Heidelberg, Germany.
Her graceful interiors are designed in tandem with nature using solid wood, stone, metals and linens; all luxurious and soulful materials. Individual residential design and unique restaurants are some of her favourite projects where she creates a natural relaxed atmosphere and truly comforting surroundings.


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