Restaurant in Hamburg

Bathe your interior in the warm and convivial atmosphere of the Bellefeu® collection.  Our in-house technology with real wax candles replicates real candlelight. Now also available with alabaster candles.

Authentage_romantic wall light_bellefeu wall_restaurant Hamburg_Omeo Homeline

Bellefeu® on L profile for romantic dining. Marron spotlight was installed at the ceiling to light up the tables


Authentage_Bellefeu Wall light_ romantic dining_romantic light in restaurant in Hamburg_omeo homeline

Bellefeu® on L profile


Authentage_Bellefeu Wall light_romantic wall light_candle light with LED_Omeo Homeline_restaurant in Hamburg

Bellefeu® on L profile


Project realised by Omeo Homeline (Hamburg)

Omeo Homeline


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