Warm and focussed light outdoor in The Netherlands

Authentage_outdoor lighting_wall lighting_Micro Up and Down

Micro Up and Down Bronze (Outdoor) with Kelvin Killer

Micro on Pin (Bronze) and Micro Up and Down (Bronze) with Kelvin Killer

Authentage_Micro On Pin_Bronze_Outdoor lighting_Garden_Spike

Micro on Pin (Bronze) with Kevin Killer

 Authentage_Micro Up And Down_outdoor lighting_garden_wall lighting

Micro Up and Down (Bronze) with Kelvin Killer

Authentage_Micro Up and Down_Wall Lighting_Outdoor lighting_Garden

Micro Up and Down (Bronze) with Kelvin Killer

Authentage_Micro Up and Down_Outdoor lighting_Garden_Wall lighting

 Micro Up and Down (Bronze) with Kelvin Killer


De Briellaerd Hovenierscentrum about Authentage lighting:

We like to use the Micro on Pin in projects as we see it as a strengthening of the ornaments, for example the beautiful old trunk of the Wisteria, the 'Amsterdammertje' or the Italian pottery. You want to highlight these beautiful elements with qualitative material and you don't want this to be visible. I like the simplicity of the Micro on Pin. And the natural material corresponds nicely with the ornaments which are all natural as well. Moreover, the ornaments and lamps become more beautiful over the years, which is a fine combination. 


About De Briellaerd Hovenierscentrum :

The characteristic green gardens that we design and build become more beautiful over the years. Simplicity and tranquillity are important elements for us when creating a garden design. 

We are located on the former estate De Briellaerd where you can find inspiration all year round on our walking estate where we have laid out several themed gardens. 




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