Create an effortless, romantic atmosphere with the candlelight imitated by the Bellefeu collection

What if... you could set a romantic mood with just the touch of a light switch? Well, with our patented Bellefeu effect, that is, in fact, possible. Our patented LED technology does all the work while genuine wax candles bathe the entire room in atmospheric candlelight.

Lighting is not just a functional addition, it can determine the entire ambiance of a space. When applied properly, they will set the right mood for anyone that enters the room. That is exactly what we were aiming for when we developed the Bellefeu effect. The result is an extensive collection of lamps for indoor and outdoor use, which perfectly mimic real candlelight. The range goes from an elegant table lamp consisting of a single candle, to a statement pendant lamp measuring up to 186 centimers like the Bellefeu Royal Rectangular. The latter contains eightteen flickering flames that immerse the entire room in a magical atmosphere. For those who really want to pull out all the stops, there is our magnificent Bellefeu Château pendant with up to 48 candles, or the exquisite Bellefeu Plateau wall light. 


Candles and functional lighting in one

The candles in our Bellefeu-applications are made of wax, while the LED lights within mimic the romantical flickering light. So those are all the advantages of candlelight, without any of the disadvantages: no fine dust, no dripping candle wax and no matches or lighters needed. With a single light swith you can illuminate all the candles at the same time. That comes in handy in any environment, whether it's your living room, a wooden chalet in the mountains or a wellness centre, and it's also completely safe.

Most of the lamps in the Bellefeu collection enlighten the room with pure candlelight, but the pendant versions also contain a LED strip that casts bright (dimmable) functional light over the table, for example. If you prefer static light in stead of flickering candles, the dimmer also includes a motionless light function.

Mood creator for indoors and outdoors

Atmospheric candlelight is a great feature for indoors, but can also give your outdoor space the enchanting touch it deserves. That's why the Bellefeu collection consists of both interior and exterior luminaries. The patented LED outdoor lamps are standard equipped with glass candles, but other options are always possible. The material from which they are made is weather-resistant and will always look beautiful, no matter which finish you choose. 



Custom designs

When our designers get to work, they always leave room for the creativity of our clients. In concrete terms, this means that our Bellefeu lamps are all adaptable to your specific requirements. In addition, you can integrate the patented Bellefeu effect into some of our other luminaires and, offcourse, in your own applications.

For all questions about custom lighting, please login to your Authentage account or contact us. We are committed to a personal and direct approach and are happy to think along with our clients. 


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