Express yourself: outdoor lighting with an authentic character

Some lighting is primarily functional. The luminaire should not be too apparent, it's all about the light itself. On the other hand, there's the luminaires that are allowed their own personality, thereby contributing to the authentic character of a space. Such is the case with our Gracieuze collection.

The Gracieuze is a classic outdoor collection with a nod to the grandeur of 20th century Paris. This handmade lantern is the perfect marriage between authenticity and technology. Its romantic filament bulbs can be combined with an additional circuit of downward- facing LED bulbs to create an utterly breathtaking effect. In addition, the lantern can be equipped with a motion detector to automatically switch on the light when someone approaches.

A dash of grandeur at the front door with the Gracieuze on bracket

Paris in your backyard: the Gracieuze on pole.

Gracieuze wall lights by the entrance. 

Handmade outdoor lighting

Along garden paths and driveways, on the entrance gate or at the front door and even in a more central place in the garden; it is outdoors that the Gracieuze feels perfectly in place. The bronze lantern is beautiful in both summer and winter and does not suffer from any corrosion. On the contrary: the material will age beautifully and gradually acquire more character, but it will never rust.

Corrosion free and beautiful in every season.

The variety of models in this distinctive collection offers you plenty of options for giving your outdoor environment a touch of splendour. You always start with either a large or small lantern and from there, the possibilities for application are almost endless. Do you want to place it on top of a wall or rather hang it against it? That'll both work out. And if you would like a lamppost in this exquisite French style, it can be provided on request. The signature lantern is also available on bracket. Placed next to the front door, these will give any guest a royal entrance. 

A warm welcome from the top of the gate. 

As with all our collections, the Gracieuze can also be made to measure. Share your ideas with us and together we will work out a custom design, like this gorgeous wall light we've customised for AA+ Ontwerpbureau. 

The impact of the light source on the atmosphere

The lamps we use at Authentage create a very warm light for an extra authentic ambience. We are in fact convinced that the light source has a large share in the final atmosphere you create. If you want to know more about how to create this warm light effect, log in to your professional account - or create one - and gain access to our complete light source guide. In addition, you will be able to see the full price list and receive the complete catalogue of all our authentic lighting fixtures.


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