Alabaster, a new high-quality material


In search for high-quality materials to reinforce our collections, we’ve decided to work with Alabaster.

Alabaster is a stone material with a veins structure that brings a unique look for every product.

This natural, handmade material has been integrated in different products for indoor and outdoor use!

Authentage_alabaster_suspension_outdoor ground light_wall light_indoorAlb Suspension - Alb Garden on Pole - Alb Matisse Wall


By an additional treatment we make sure that the lamps with alabaster are resistant to corrosion, even in extreme weather conditions. This is also the case for our other collections because we want our products to keep their beauty in every outdoor project!

Authentage_upgrade Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern outdoor light

Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern Outdoor with glass candles (standard) -
Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern Outdoor upgrade with alabaster candles


Upgrade Bellefeu

Next to the new ALB collection, we’ve also an upgrade available for the Bellefeu-collection.

From now on, it’s possible to combine the Bellefeu in-house technology with alabaster candles. This results in an even more exclusive look and due to the veins structure, every candle is unique!

Authentage_Create your own Bellefeu_recessed outdoor spot_Wall light upgrade alabaster

Create your own Bellefeu Subtile combined with alabaster candles  -
Alabaster candle next to real wax candles on Bellefeu Plateau



Would you like to use of one of these new lamps in your project, but they need to be adapted to your specific situation? Feel free to contact us and to discuss the possibilities for customization!

Finally, we would like to inform you that our ALB collection will be extended due to great success!

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