Product designer, Vincent Bosmans, about Authentage


"I have a background in product design and interior architecture. Ever since I was a child, I have been enormously interested in everything to do with design. A fun anecdote: when I was 11 years old, I copied a well-known designer lamp that was the centerpiece of my bedroom for a long time! :-)

My inspiration comes mainly from being with friends and family, something I enjoy enormously, and which gives me tons of energy. Cultural events also inspire me and the city life. I want to feel what’s going on in society. And of course, the contact with customers at the fairs. Feeling how customers experience our products and what could be improved is crucial.

Authentage Vincent Bosmans

Lighting, a very underestimated part of interior architecture

What really appeals me to lighting is that it is often a very underestimated part of interior architecture. You often see it with people who are renovating: a lot of budget is made available for the general, structural renovation. Only afterwards, when everything is almost finished, is lighting considered. Yet lighting is a crucial mood enhancer in the home.

When I started at Authentage, about 6 years ago now, I had to make a switch for myself. My personal style is rather minimalistic, while Authentage stands for lighting that is pleasing to the eye. In addition, the lighting effect is also very important to them. Ingenious technology is elegantly "hidden" in timeless designs.

What I personally find a huge asset to our lamps is the handmade part, as well as the customization. Like the cooperation with our customers, listening to their wishes and being able to integrate them into our designs. The design process always starts with them. Based on their needs and wishes, I work out a solution.



"A big misconception about product design? That as a designer you start from your own ideas and you just want to create something beautiful."


From the beginning, I start looking at the bigger picture and the practicality of the product. How will the product be assembled in our atelier? Will the production cost not be too high? Is the product sustainable? These are all crucial aspects that form the basis of the design.

In my job as a product designer I attach great importance to the sustainability and ease of use of our lighting. We continue to optimize our products and in 2022 we will work on 3D visualization of our designs. Everything to make it as pleasant and easy as possible for our customer.

My role within Authentage is bigger than just designing. Given the great interest in sustainability and efficiency, I’m also involved in optimizing our business processes. A nice change from the creative side of the job!



Favourite Authentage lamp?

I don't have one favorite lamp, but I am a huge fan of the custom work we do. The interaction with the customer that allows us to create a personal design, always with the Authentage DNA in mind, is very nice to see such designs come about.

I am also most proud of our Bellefeu with batteries. The demand was there for a long time, but the battery feature is very complex to integrate. The Bellefeu collection is our signature collection and soon the battery powered version will be available for both indoor and outdoor use. Coming soon!

Ultimate relaxation?

Being with friends and family and cooking. I love to cook, especially now that the days are shorter and we spend a lot of time indoors. I also swim several times a week and this helps me to clear my head.

For what people can always wake you at night?

Dinner with friends and family. I get a lot of energy and inspiration from that.


Bellefeu Vitrine Outdoor

Bellefeu Vitrine Outdoor - Soon available on batteries

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