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Large choice of crafted driveway lighting at Authentage

Authentage has a large choice of handcrafted outdoor lighting, including lighting for your driveway. Both our collection of ground lamps and our collection of "on pole" lamps are perfectly suited as driveway lighting. Our ground lamps are simply installed on the ground. Our "on pole" lamps are simply placed next to the driveway or driveway. 

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Our collections combine high-quality, sustainable materials with the latest lighting technology.
Our products are hand-assembled in Antwerp which enables customisation.

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Indicator lighting: ideal for a short driveway

Looking for the right lighting for your driveway? In our outdoor driveway lighting, the "Galed" and "Beautique" ranges offer so-called indicative lighting. This type of lighting is ideal for illuminating a short driveway or driveway. These small lighting fixtures illuminate a small driveway in a sophisticated way, without dazzling with strong light. This feature also makes this type of ground lighting ideal for steps or terraces. 

Driveway lighting for a strong lighting effect 

There is also driveway lighting that provides greater brightness. Outdoor lighting such as the "Charmond", "Balume", or "Micro" can be placed next to your driveway or driveway, providing full illumination. You can also use them to create a strong lighting effect in your garden or on your terrace. Simply insert the "Micro on pin" or "Charmond on pin" into the ground quickly and easily. Similarly, the "Balume Wooden Pole" just needs to be inserted into the ground, with no additional cement required. As the name suggests, it is fixed on characterful tropical hardwood. In turn, the Charmond can be fixed by screwing it into the ground. In addition, you can simply place ground lights such as the "Charmond on Base" or "Charmond on Driver base" next to your driveway to fully illuminate it. Other eye-catchers within our outdoor lighting driveway lighting collection are the "Vitrine Ground" or "ALB Garden Pole".

The right driveway lighting for a customised lighting effect

Whatever driveway lighting you choose, with Authentage's driveway lighting you are always sure of a nice warm light. This immediately gives the garden of your hotel, restaurant or home an injection of atmosphere and character. Authentage's lighting fixtures are powerful enough to illuminate your driveway or driveway, showing yourself, or your visitors, the right way. Our "Charmond" collection also offers the option to make the lamp shine extra loud at the times you pass it. Afterwards, it then automatically goes back to the dimmed setting. This way, you always enjoy an optimal light level.

Go for atmosphere and character with lighting for your driveway from Authentage

Upright lighting from Authentage are not just fixtures on a tripod. They are characterful lighting fixtures designed in Belgium and whose pieces are assembled into a whole in Belgium.Authentage's robust materials and familiar house style add value to any type of environment. This could, for example, be the exterior of a classic home, or that of a rather modern classic environment. Moreover, Authentage's driveway lights can withstand outdoor humidity. All lamps are beautiful on their own, but can also be concealed between plants, illuminating the driveway. 

Bronze: our most popular colour for driveway lighting

At Authentage, bronze-coloured luminaires are one of the bestsellers. As such, the hue is unique. If you look from afar, the bronze strongly resembles black. But if you look from close up, you can definitely see the bronze colour. Do keep in mind that the colours of the Authentage driveway lights may change as the lamps age, as they are designed for outdoor use. But don't worry, this only makes them more beautiful. This applies to both the material of the fixtures, as well as the hardwood. 

Tailor-made driveway lighting at Authentage

Driveway lighting provides the desired atmosphere and safety at any time of day. Are you a landscaper or interior designer, and looking for something very specific in terms of driveway lighting? At Authentage, you can have driveway lighting custom-made. We also use timeless materials for this custom-made lighting, combined with the latest lighting technology.