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Large choice of handmade ground lamps at Authentage

Authentage gives you a large choice of handmade outdoor ground lamps. A ground lamp is an outdoor lamp that you can install on the ground. These ground lights are ideal for placing along a path or on a terrace.

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Our collections combine high-quality, sustainable materials with the latest lighting technology.
Our products are hand-assembled in Antwerp which enables customisation.

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Indicative lighting with the Galed and Beautique ground lamps

Looking for an outdoor ground lamp? In our ground lights for outdoors, the Galed and Beautique series offer so-called indicative lighting. This means that they guide, for example, visitors to a party along the right path in the dark, without blinding them with strong light. These small luminaires thus point the right way, thus increasing safety in a discreet and sophisticated way. Ground lamps such as the Galed or Beautique are also ideal on stairs or terraces.

Floor lamps for a strong lighting effect

There are also ground lamps that provide greater luminosity. Ground lamps such as the Charmond on Base or Charmond on Driver base can be placed next to a path to fully illuminate it. You can also use them to create a strong lighting effect in your garden or on your terrace. Other eye-catchers for outdoor collection are the Vitrine Ground ground lamps or the Balume on Wooden Pole. As the name suggests, the latter is fixed on characterful wood, more specifically tropical hardwood.

Go for atmosphere and character with an outdoor ground lamp from Authentage

Whichever ground lamp you choose, the exterior of your hotel, restaurant or home will immediately get a strong injection of atmosphere and character. Ground lamps from Authentage are characterful lighting fixtures designed in Belgium and whose pieces are assembled into a whole in Belgium.

Ground lamps withstand outdoor humidity

Good outdoor ground lights, like these from Authentage, can withstand humidity. As a landscaper or interior designer, place them so that the light reflects off another object. With the Micro and Macro collections, you can choose between a light opening with a 90° or 360° angle in this regard.

Move a floor lamp to provide additional variety

Furthermore, a floor lamp or ground lamp is just something different. The robust materials and Authentage's well-known house style add value to any type of environment. This could be the exterior of a classic home, for example, or that of a rather modern classic environment.

Bronze is the most popular colour for ground lamps from Authentage

We sell the bronze-coloured fixtures the most at Authentage. As such, it is a unique shade. Viewed from afar, bronze looks very much like black. But looking from close up, you can see the bronze colour. Since the ground lamps are designed for outdoor use, keep in mind that the colours may change as the lamps age, which only makes the ground lamps more beautiful. This applies to the metal of the fixtures, but also to the hardwood, for example.

Have ground lamps custom-made at Authentage

Outdoor ground lamps give the desired atmosphere at any time of day. Are you a landscaper or interior designer, and are you looking for something very specific in terms of ground lighting? At Authentage, you can have ground lighting custom-made. We also use timeless materials for this custom-made lighting, combined with the latest lighting technology.